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Christmas Lighting

 Christmas Lighting

There are many choices in lighting to choose from. The LED Christmas Light is cutting edge technology for both indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting because they have no filament to heat in order to make light. This makes them extremely energy efficient, which saves you money.

Some of the more popular bulbs are C7 LED bulbs. These bulbs are popular as a replacement for older Incandescent bulbs. They use .96 Watts compared to incandescent bulbs that’s  99% less watts.

The next most popular bulb we use is the C9. These bulbs also operate on .96 Watts per bulb which is 99% less Watts than incandescent bulbs. The

best part about C9 bulbs is they produce approximately 40% more light.

Next come icicle lights. These lights enhance the effect when hanging from the roofs edge, these also are offer in LED which means more light less operating cost.

The brightest of the bulbs is the wide angle bulb. They distribute the light in all directions.

Finally we have rope lights. These area very versatile because they can be wrapped around almost anything ie: Trees, Posts, Railings,Bushes etc.

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